Every year over half a million people will consult a facial plastic surgeon to improve the appearance of their nose, an operation called a Rhinoplasty, or nose plastic surgery.

Since the nose is the most defining characteristic of the face, even a slight alteration can greatly improve one’s appearance. The definition of Rhinoplasty is shaping the nose. First incisions are made and the skin of the nose is lifted off of the underlying bone and cartilage framework. The majority of incisions are made inside the nose and thus are invisible. Next precise amounts of underlying bone and cartilage are removed or rearranged to provide a newly shaped structure. For example,when there is a large hump on the nose in profile, the excess bone and cartilage is removed resulting in a straighter and flatter appearance. The skin is then redraped over the new framework, and the incisions are closed. favors creating a natural Rhinoplasty result, one that is aesthetically balanced to the face.

Rhinoplasty has the ability to enhance your appearance and your self-confidence due to the reshaping and balancing of the nose with the face. However, it won’t necessarily change your looks to match some idea that is not possible on your face or with your underlying structures.

Rhinoplasty can be performed to meet aesthetic goals or for reconstructive purposes-to correct birth defects or breathing problems. Age may also be a consideration. This procedure may not be an option for teenagers until they’ve completed their growth spurt-around 14 or 15 for girls, a bit later for boys. It’s important to consider teenagers’ social and emotional adjustment, too, and to make sure it’s what they, and not their parents, really want.

Our Doctors can advise you if a Rhinoplasty is appropriate for you at your consultation.