Full Arch Restoration

Dr. Contino, Dr. Reed and Dr. Winokur utilize state-of-the-art technology, allowing us to move the concept of esthetic dentistry to a new level. The patient is now able to leave the oral surgeon’s office with functioning, beautiful teeth that require limited treatment time.

The technique involves the precise placement of four or more implants which anchor and support a full set of teeth. Unlike traditional dentures, they are attached — fixed in place on the dental implants and, therefore, do not come out on their own. They may be removed for cleaning and maintenance by your general dentist.

We begin with an evaluation by the oral surgeon. A three-dimensional CAT scan of the jawbone collects data that will form a comprehensive picture of the patient’s facial anatomy. Together with your general dentist, we will also gather photos, models and other necessary records.

Over six to eight weeks, this information is transformed into a computerized model. The implant surgery plan is prepared and a provisional prosthesis is fabricated by laboratory specialists, and ready for the day of implant placement.

The oral surgeon will use the patient’s computerized model in concert with virtual reality software to guide placement of implants. Because the model is so accurate, placement is exceptionally precise, safe and therefore results in less swelling and discomfort.

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The oral surgeon, along with your dentist, will answer questions and discuss treatment options and finances which best fit the patient’s desired outcome.

On the day of implant placement, patients are generally fine with local anesthesia. We also offer nitrous oxide, conscious sedation and IV sedation, if desired. Many patients confidently resume normal activities the following day.

The oral surgeon may suggest a soft diet for a few weeks while patients get used to their new teeth. He will evaluate progress over four to six months, and may make minor adjustments. Lastly, the dentist will take final impressions, and fit the patient with strong, attractive, permanent teeth.

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