Full Arch Restoration in Naples & Bonita Springs, FL

If you’ve experienced the devastating effects of losing your teeth and have struggled with the inconveniences of dentures, Drs. Contino, Reed & Winokur have a solution that will not only restore your smile but your confidence and peace of mind as well. We are proud to offer our revolutionary full-mouth dental implant system.

What is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

The demand for immediate replacement teeth has led to a significant shift in how we deal with missing teeth: the full mouth restoration. Also known as implant-supported dentures, this cutting-edge treatment allows our doctors to combine implant technology with dentures to give you a brand-new smile and a fresh outlook on life!

Traditional dentures can be inconvenient, uncomfortable, and unstable. And while dental implants are an excellent choice for single tooth replacements, on the scale of a full arch, we know that they can be expensive and complicated. However, putting these two treatments together yields a solution that works for nearly everyone. During this procedure, four to six dental implants are placed in the jaw with a full dental fixed appliance attached to them, resulting in a complete row of teeth.

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The Process

The first step in the full arch dental implant process is scheduling a consultation with us. We begin by collecting x-rays and 3D digital intra-oral images with our cone beam computed tomography (CBCT). Our surgeons also discuss with you your medical and dental histories, fully examine your oral anatomy, including your occlusion, and partner with your restorative dentist to ensure comprehensive and complete care.

Once a treatment plan for your full arch dental implants has been created, we move forward with assembling a digital model and fabricating the restorations. Our computer-guided implant placement systems take this revolutionary procedure of implant placement one step further.

We use guided implant surgery technology to:

  • Establish precise implant positioning
  • Secure the best aesthetic result
  • Reduce surgery time
  • Ensure minimally invasive surgery

Day of Surgery

On the day of surgery, the experience is similar to other dental implant procedures. We make sure that you are properly anesthetized for comfort during the surgery and that you don’t feel a thing. Most of our patients prefer local anesthesia, but nitrous oxide, conscious sedation, and IV sedation are available upon request.

3-4 months after your surgery, the surgeon will take an x-ray and evaluate the healing of the implants. Once the surgeon confirms readiness for the final restoration, you’ll return to your restorative dentist who will work-up the process for your permanent fixed full arch appliance.

After Care

Plan to return to your normal everyday routine the day after surgery. Post-op soreness can be easily managed with over-the-counter medications, and we’d be happy to discuss any necessary prescriptions ahead of time. We recommend you eat only soft foods the first couple days as your teeth and gums heal. When you come in for your pre-op appointment, we will discuss all after-care instructions with you and answer any questions you have.

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