Computer Guided Implant Surgery

Dr. Contino, Dr. Reed and Dr. Winokur are highly trained oral surgeons using innovative guided surgery with computer modeling to greatly improve their patient’s surgical experience.

Our oral surgeons provide dental implant surgery with the highest order of confidence due to advanced technology. Guided surgery makes use of a surgical guide that replaces professional estimation with absolute precision in implant placement and final restoration. For certain patients, this can be highly valuable. It is the safest, most predictable, accurate, and effective manner in which to replace a missing tooth or teeth with implants.

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What is Guided Surgery?

Guided surgery allows our surgeons to plan an implant virtually – that is, using advanced virtual technology. Every aspect is prepared before treatment starts. Data collected from a CT scan shows a detailed 3-dimensional view of the patient’s anatomy, complete with cross-sections, accurate width and length of the implant required, and optimal placement specifications relative to bone density and final restoration.

Onscreen, the oral surgeon demonstrates how a patient’s implants and teeth will look after final restoration. CT Scans accurately predict results, so if limitations exist, such as inadequate bone, patients can see in 3-D why they are not a candidate.

Virtual planning software applies CT scan information to produce a computerized model. Our oral surgeons review digital images of the patient’s anatomical detail to visualize their bone structure and develop implant treatment plans. A surgical guide is prepared, accurate within microns. Our oral surgeons and team of doctors collaborate to foresee the best, most esthetic placement of the implant/s and to plan final restoration.

How Does Guided Surgery Compare to Traditional Implant Surgery?

During guided implant surgery, Drs. Contino, Reed or Winokur will view a comprehensive detailed picture of the patient’s facial anatomy. They will utilize the computerized model in concert with virtual reality software to guide placement of implants for a Same Day New Smile – procedures replacing from one tooth up to a full set of teeth. Placements are precise, safe, and successful because the model is exact within microns – a factor which is especially important in more complex cases.

The benefits to patients are significant. Computer-guided implant surgery is done in a minimally invasive arthroscopic fashion. As a result, patients experience less postoperative discomfort, less swelling, and less bruising. Patients often resume their normal activities the next day.

Guided surgery is vastly superior to traditional surgery in certain cases and for certain patients. Our oral surgeons will advise you of your best options. Because the surgery is relatively short, patients are generally fine with local anesthesia. We also offer Nitrous Oxide and IV sedation for those patients who require it.

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